Saturday, 22 December 2012

Festive Present Ideas!

There are only 3 days to Christmas, and I am personally very excited! This year has gone unbelievably quick, but it's been a great year and hopefully it will be a great Christmas to end it. One of my favorite parts of Christmas is Christmas shopping. I love going into town with my money, planning to buy presents. I never usually have any idea's on what to get people, but when I see something I can just tell it's perfect. I did my Christmas shopping on Thursday, and I am extremely happy with the presents I've got. I love buying people things, knowing how much they'll love what I've got them (hopefully).

I thought I'd just share with you some of the presents I've brought to you guys, and If you're a late shopper like me, and need to get some, hopefully I can give you some idea's!

The first thing I picked up were these Joules Super Soaps from the 3 for 2 section in Boots. They are a set of 6 triple-milled soaps, and I just thought they'd make a lovely present for my Nan! I find my Nan rather hard to shop for, but these smell and look lovely, so I can imagine she'll love them! They price at £8, which I don't think is a bad price, considering they do look worth it, let's just hope they live up to my expectations!

I also picked up this from the 3 for 2 section in Boots. It's a Betty and Walter "Elderflower and Lemon handsomely hydrating hand cream". This is for my step Nan, and I hope she'll like it! The packaging is very pretty, it caught my eye straight away. I think Elderflower smells so nice, so I definitely think it will have a nice smell to it. I chose this because, as an older lady, my Nan has quite mature skin, which can tend to be quite dry and rough, so hopefully this will help her hands become a lot more smoother and feel a whole not nicer. This was £6, as you can see in the picture, which I think is a good price! If you think your Nan would like this kind of thing then I would definitely recommend it, I find most older women like things like this.

Now, when I saw these I quite liked the look of them. Like the hand cream, they are also "Betty and Walter elderflower and lemon" but instead they are a set of hand lotion and hand wash. Since I've already found something for my Nan, I thought that these would be brilliant for my Mum. She is a huge fan of Elderflower fragrances, so these seemed suitable. They were £10, which isn't bad for a set of 2. They come in a nice little stand, which has a rather cute handle, which I find more useful than them being tied together or something. I know most Mum's like being pampered,so I'm sure this is something that every Mum would enjoy!

I'm a huge lush fan. I love the smells of the all of the bits in the shop, but I do find they tend to be quite pricey. I spent about 20 minutes in there, and I really couldn't decide what to get. I was mainly looking for myself, as I do love their shop. After a while I thought I'd look at the pre-wrapped gifts, and found this. A while ago a beauty blogger "Zoella" mentioned in one of her hauls her love for Lush, and one of the products she mentioned was the "Party Popper Bath Ballistic". She seemed quite keen on it, so I obviously, loving her videos and blogs, I thought I'd go out and try it. I fell in love with it rather quickly, it's a "Celebratory tangerine and rose fizzer with melon soap confetti inside". It looks really pretty, it smells AMAZING and I am a very huge fan. This box happens to contain not only that, but also a "Nothern lights soap" which is a "startlingly refreshing, fresh pine, cypress and lime soap". I think it sounds quite nice, It looks pretty and smells just as good. The wrapping is really nice, very colourful, it has a pretty gold ribbon on it which I think makes it a lot better. My aunt is a fan of things like this, so I knew it would be perfect. I may have to invest in one myself! I also find the lush paper bags lovely! They are very bright and look rather circus-like, which I think makes it x10 better. I'd probably recommend leaving it in the bag as it has a tag on the back of it which you can write the name of the person the gift is for. It gives away where it's from, but I think it just adds to the whole gift and is a perfect finishing touch.


I won't carry on anymore, as I've wrote a lot and may have bored you a bit, but if you're still reading then thank you so much. My last post was a review on the "Maybelline fit me set", which is slightly different to this, but if you've read it then if you could please comment/message me telling me if you like the kind of things I'm putting, or if you want me to maybe post something in particular then just say what and I can try to have a go! I am happy to receive criticism too, as it is helpful and can help me see what I'm doing wrong, so thank you! Much love x


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