Sunday, 23 December 2012

Get the look

So I got given some makeup inside this box today, and I thought I'd tell you how you can get the look on the front of it!

1. Apply a light neutral shade to the entire upper lid to the brow bone as a base colour. It creates a good canvas for the actual eyeshadow, rather than putting it straight onto the skin. Make sure it's not glittery or shimmery, and that it's just plain.

2.  Lightly add your midtone colour (of your choice) over the upper eyelid and into the crease blending the colour up and outwards. It's very important to make sure you blend the colour as you want it to look faded not like a block colour. 

3. Using a darker shade of the colour you used for step 2, blend it onto the upper lid and lightly contour from the outer corner of the eye to roughly about halfway over the eye. Try and make sure you leave some mid tone visible.

4. Apply liquid eyeliner (or pencil if you're uncomfortable with liquid) on the bottom of the eyelid, not too thick, to create a perfect line. Preferably black.

5. Lightly with a colour of your choice use a large brush to sweep your blusher from your temple to your cheekbone. Try not to go too far into the  middle of your face, as you only want to go roughly half way on your cheek from the outside. Remember to start very lightly, as blusher is buildable but is almost impossible to get off without ruining the rest of your makeup.

6. For a light, fresh faced look apply highlighter onto the areas of your face that you want to stand out, and shader to the ones you want to try and hide.

7. (optional) If you want to exaggerate your eyes more, apply some of the eyeshadow to the bottom of your eyes,  under your eyelashes.

8. Apply mascara/fake eyelashes if you want to make your eyes stand out even more.

(Some of this is taken from the inside of the box, but when I tried the look out on myself I found some of the steps didn't really seem to work for me, so I've changed them and added extra stuff in.)

This is a colour couture cosmetics box, it has some makeup inside which you can use, but I didn't find it entirely that good, so I used my own. It's up to you whether you want to invest in it or just use what you own yourself.


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