Friday, 21 December 2012


So I recently heard a few people talking about the "Maybelline fit me set" which consists of concealer, foundation and powder to match each other, and I thought I'd order a free foundation sample from there website, to see what I think. I got my sample through about 2 weeks ago and the colour was perfect. I found the coverage of the foundation was amazing, and it didn't feel to heavy on my skin. It blends easily and the texture is smooth, I don't find it sticky like some foundations. I thought I'd invest in the full set, to see how they work together. I went into boots last week and got the foundation in 110, which I found was the perfect colour for my skintone, and using the board on the makeup counter, I found the concealer and powder to match the shade of the foundation. They are extremely cheap considering how good I found the quality, the foundation pricing at just under £7 and both the concealer and powder pricing about £6. The foundation is very good for people with oily skin as it gives quite a matte finish, especially with the powder added on top.  It is very long lasting and blends seamlessly into the skin. 

The concealer is rather good too, I find I have extremely noticeable bags under my eyes, and I often find it hard to find a good concealer to hide them, but this really does work for me. I apply it both before and after my foundation as I find I need it, however not everyone will. 

I find the powder good for setting the foundation, as it does just make it look more natural and help the foundation last longer, but I've noticed where I have dry skin, the powder kind of goes all patchy and ruins it, but that is just where my skin is dry and flaky naturally. Apart from that little downfall, I do believe the foundation does look better with the powder added on top, as it gives a flawless finish, but obviously it is just optional!


So this is my first post on my blog, I'm sorry if I repeat something a few times, I do tend to do that a lot. I would appreciate it if you could comment saying if you think these blog posts are okay, as I'm not too sure if reviews on makeup are the best thing for me to do, so I would love to hear it from someone else's opinion, it would really help me a lot! Thank you x



  1. could you do a review on a beauty box please, I really want one and I don't know what one to get

    1. sure! I've actually ordered a few different ones which I should get through soon, so I won't be able to do it for a few weeks though!

  2. You are amazing at doing reviews. Keep them up and check out my blog as well!


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