Monday, 28 January 2013

Late College Shopping

Aloha everyone, this morning I sadly had to go back to college after having a lovely week off, but I was rather disorganised! I woke up late and everything just went wrong, so I ended up being late for college, which is pretty typical of me! Anyway, not wanting to walk into class half way through, I thought I would just stay in town and get to college in time for my next class. I ended up buying a few things, so here they are!

As some of you may already know, if you follow me on twitter or read my blog often, I have a little bit of a mahoosive girl crush on beauty blogger Zoella ( I adore her video's and her as a person, but anyway, in a few of her video's she's mentioned the 'Long Lasting Perfection Concealer' from Collection 2000. I've heard from various different people that this concealer is AMAZING, and since I have not once found a concealer I find works for me, I thought I'd try it. I brought it in the lightest shade, which is '1 Fair' and it cost just under £5 from superdrug. Since I have THE darkest under eye bags ever imaginable, I was kind of hoping this would hide them. I tried it today, and it didn't hide them completely, which I wasn't expecting it too, but they are so much less noticeable with this on. If you have bad bags, then I really would recommend this.

As soon as I told myself off for actually buying something, I noticed this. I've heard an awful lot about gel eyeliners, I brought one from a pound shop the other day, to see what they where like as a rough idea, and it was pretty good apart from the fact that It didn't last 5 minutes on your eye, but what was I expecting from a pound shop eh. Anyway, the poundshop one kind of proved to me that they are really good when it comes to putting it on, so while I was in superdrug, I spotted this out of the corner of my eye. I was already a bit mad at myself for spending money, since I was meant to be saving, but I couldn't resist. This is the 'Maybelline New York eyestudio lasting drama gel eyeliner' and cost around about a £5, so pretty cheap. It has the cutest pot ever in the packet, I don't know why, but I adore the pot so much, I love it, and it also includes a slightly angled brush. The brush is perfect for putting the eyeliner on with, so I'll definitely be using that rather than my own.

 While I was at the checkout, I decided to pick up a superdrug beauty card. It's free, and basically works the same as a tesco clubcard and etc, you collect points and can spend them. The card itself has a lovely little mirror on the front, it's a lovely little card to have in your purse.

My next and last stop was internacionale. The only reason I went in here is because I checked my bus times, saw I had 40 minutes, so I thought I'd go in and try clothes on, not expecting to buy anything. Found a bunch of clothes I've fallen in love with but cannot afford (sigh) however I did leave with at least one thing.

In the end I left Internacionale with this salmon coloured top. The lighting in these pictures isn't too great, it's a peachy white top, quite see through though, but I love the pattern on it. It cost about £11, but since I have student discount, it cost me around £9, which isn't too bad. There was a pair of jeans and a blazer I really wanted to buy, but I now have no money left, so I had to make the decision between the 3 items, hard life.

I got handed one of these at the checkout, which will definitely be useful for me as most of my clothes are from this shop. Every time you spend £10 or more, you get a star, if you collect 5 stars then you get 30% off any purchase, which I think is an amazing deal


I've decided that I need to think of some new describing words other than "amazing", "lovely" and "good", because I use them way too much, I'm quite repetitive. I've wrote down a ton of blog idea's in a notepad, with my coloured pens, being all creative, but I'm curious to know how many people actually like what I'm writing, so if you read my blog can you please comment down below, just so I know? Thank you, love you guys!xxx



  1. What do you think of the concealer? It's my absolute favourite!! x

    1. I've fallen in love with it! It's absolutely amazing and definitely worth it x


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