Sunday, 20 January 2013

Nail obsession!

Hellloooo, the snow we've been getting over the past few days is amazing, I love it! Just found out that my college is shut tomorrow, and I'm off every other day so no college for me this week! Just means I'm going to be procrastinating even more now though. Anyway recently I've developed a bit of an obsession with nails. (not exactly what you think it may mean, for any of you weird minded people out there.) When I say nails, I mean nail art and etc. I'm in love with acrylic nails, although mine are way too short to get them! I really should stop biting them, I know

One of the first nail art things I've absolutely loved are cute little bows like these. Although you can't have them on every nail, since they're 3D, but they look adorable with one on each hand! They're best for longer looking nails, but I think they're so pretty, and I love the kind of colours you can get them in. I don't own any myself, but when I was round my friends the other day, she used some on mine and I pretty much fell in love. I will definitely be going on ebay when I get paid to but some!

If you're just not into 3D nail art, then there's always sticker bows like this. You don't have to worry so much about them falling off, since they're stickers. These are super adorable too, and look just as nice!

Next, there's these nail glitters by Gosh. The colours are beautiful, I'm in love with them. All you have to do is paint your nails with clear polish and dip them in the glitter! They're really easy to do and will make your nails look so pretty after. Some nail glitters don't tend to last long, and fall of quite easily, but these really are different, they stay on pretty much no matter what you do to your nails, and tend to last.

Sorry this is such a short blog post, I haven't been blogging that much because I've been worrying that my blog posts are absolutely terrible, but even if they are, I've decided to carry on anyway! Practise makes perfect after all. I recently asked for advice from the one and only beautiful Louise ( who said to me: "Keep at it and only write about what you enjoy would be my advice :) xxx" which is what actually made me think about the whole 'If I keep going I'll eventually get better' idea. 

And no, I totally did not fangirl majorly over the dm from Louise. Well, maybe a little.
See you all later! :) xxx


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