Wednesday, 9 January 2013

New year, new Me!

I'm sure I'm not the only one who, at the beginning of every year, says that they're going to have a "new me" for the year, but it never ends up happening. That is because you can't just change yourself to who you want to be for the upcoming year. There's small things that can be changed, but you are you no matter what. So I've decided this year that I'm not going to have resolutions like that, I'm going to make them more completable. So here are a few of my new years resolutions aka things I want to do before the year is over.

1. Drink more water

Now I have never been a huge water fan. I tend to drink coke and lemonade most of the time, but I know that it's not a good idea. Not only will my skin appreciate me drinking more water, as it will help it glow more and be healthier, but so will my health in general. Coke and lemonade contain lots of sugars and acid, which is not good for you at all! Water helps you keep more hydrated and, since it's all natural, is a lot better to drink. I did some research and according to the NHS you should drink at least 1.2 litres of water every single day, which works out to be about six 200ml or eight 150ml glasses. Now that sounds like A LOT, but if it helps me then I'm definitely going to try! Another thing is that I'm really into dancing, and drinking coke during rehearsals and etc is not going keep me fit, hydrated and ready to go during rehearsals, it simply won't help. 

2. Dance more

In 1. I did mention that I'm a dancer, but I don't actually dance that much. I started dancing when I was 2 when I did ballet, and ended up quitting a few years later, one thing I regret so much! I don't go to a dance school now, I only do workshops every now and then at this thing called K2K Stars (google it). Now since I really enjoy dancing, going to dance classes 'every now and then' really isn't advisable. I want to join a school or go to weekly classes. Acting is also something I enjoy, so I want to start going to classes more than I do.

3. Confidence

The heading here itself, confidence, is not a new years resolution. It's a rather long one, so I will have to explain here in more detail. I have 0 confidence. I won't ask a shop worker to help me find something, I don't go up to people, I used to get too scared to answer a question in class and etc, I know most people are like this, but seriously I'm terrible.My confidence issues are so bad, after being at school for 5 years I am still petrified to talk to the majority of the people there. I come across as rude quite often because of this. If I have to talk in front of people I become very shaky and tear up an awful lot. Anyway I want to become slightly more confident this year. I need to learn to not give a care as to what anyone thinks of me, and be myself in front of people.

4. Stop self harming

Well, this is quite a personal one, but a very important one. I've been self harming for well over a year now, I have had breaks where I've stopped, but they've never lasted long. The marks make my arms look horrible and they limit what I can do so much. Dancing means you get hot and sweaty a lot, and I have to put up with wearing cardigans and long sleeve tops when I'm in rehearsals, which as you can imagine is a huge pain. This isn't an easy new years resolution but I know I can do it. I've tried the butterfly project before and I didn't find it worked too easily, but I'm concentrating on people that mean a lot to me (yes most of them are famous people) to help myself stop. Having to cover up your arms/legs/stomach and etc is really not easy, especially during the summer, and I know it's not worth it.

5. Be more sociable

I've never been much of a social butterfly. I spend about 99% of my life on my laptop watching youtube video's and on twitter and tumblr. There's nothing wrong with that, but I do it too much to be healthy for me. I'm not very good at making friends, I find it so hard, but I think I need to try harder. I should probably try to meetup more with the friends I currently have, but since I've noticed that most of them are being quite two faced recently, I want to try meeting up with some of the people I become friends with through twitter and facebook. I want to start going to more events and etc.

6. Be more adventurous

I quite like this one to be honest. I'm quite a safe person with what I do, what I buy, how I dress and etc. I need to start doing things out of my comfort zone, and try new things because you never know how much you'll enjoy something till you try it. With the way I dress, I see clothes and think "that's so nice!" but I get too scared to buy it because I think it won't 'suit' me or something like that, which is quite silly. So from now on If I see something I like, I will buy it no matter how much I'm scared it'll look horrible on me. 

I do have plenty more new years resolutions but I won't bore you with them! I never usually keep my new years resolutions, but hopefully these ones will be easier to stick too.

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