Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Bucket Lists

Personally I love bucket lists, I think they give you something to look forward to in life, and there's always that challenge to complete what's on the list. When you achieve something it gives you a sense of self accomplishment and makes you feel better about yourself. Even if it's something as small as losing a bit of weight or something as big as designing your own house or acting in a broadway show, it helps you climb up to the top and that feeling you get when you've achieved something you've always wanted to is great! I'm currently writing out a bucket list to add to my tumblr. I want to document my journey on trying to achieve things so I can look back at it in 50 years time and smile at how great my life was at times. Do any of you have bucket lists? If so, have you completed some of what may be on there, and are you aiming high or low?

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