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Hey guys, I’ve had a super busy week so I didn’t have time to arrange a guest post for today, so I’ll continue with that next week! 
Now lets just say that my previous OOTD post was not just AGES ago, but also not very good. I can’t promise this one will be that good either as it was taken with a very bad camera in very bad lighting. But hey, it’ll do for now, right?
Top: Primark
Shoes: Select
Cardigan: Topshop
 I hope you enjoyed this, these kind of posts scare me as I always get super self concious and things, but I’m trying to break out of that.
Love Amy


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  1. Hello lovely, I have nominated you for the upcoming bloggers Liebster Award, to find out what this means visit my blog

    (ps this isnt a spam thing :)) Xx

  2. I'm nominating you for the liebster award, the post will be on my blog tomorrow!


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