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Taming Frizzy Hair! - Guest post.

Before I get on with the guest post, I thought I'd let you guys know about a series I'm going to do at the end of each week. Well it's not exactly a series, more like every Sunday I'll be having a guest post. Whether it's beauty related, cooking, DIY, music, whatever, if you want to do a post then just email me: and we can sort something out:)

Hey, I'm Georgia from over at Mapped Out. My blog is all about beauty and fashion- beauty in particular because I have an addiction to buying beauty products so there are lots of reviews for me to do! I've only started blogging quite recently but in that short space of time I have learnt just how great blogging actually is and it has turned into a real hobby. 

Today I will be talking all about taming my frizzy hair and the products I use to do so. 

As you can see I use quite a few products but not all at once I might add! It depends on how my hair looks when I have woken up as to how much or many products I use. Sometimes I might need to use quite a few if it is quite frizzy but other days I wake up and it is not so bad.

When my hair is wet I use my little sample of Protect & Oil which I received in my latest Birchbox. I just pour a little into my hands and rub it in to the ends of my hair. Since using this I have noticed such a change in the condition of my hair. It was really dry and frazzled before and after using this for a while, it has become much more tamed and manageable. As you can see I am running out so I really need to buy the full sized bottle of this!

If I know I am going to blow dry my hair I almost always use this product; Tame Frizz by KMS California. Usually when I blow dry my hair I end up looking like a lion. However when I use this product I have lovely soft, smooth hair. I love it so much as I have never found a product that has helped make my hair stay tamed after blow drying like this one. It is an absolute must if you have frizzy/curly hair like mine. Honestly, you won't believe the results! Even if you want to use it when your hair is dry, you can just put a little amount in the ends of your hair to stop frizziness. I also really like that it already has heat protection so you don't have to worry about damaging you hair with heat. Although saying that, I rarely do blow-dry my hair unless I am in a rush as no amount of heat protection will completely stop heat damage. So try and keep blowdrying and straightening to a minimum if you want less frizzy hair. I always like to like mine dry naturally as it is so much better for my hair. 

TRESemm√© are one of my favourite hair brands. Their products never fail to disappoint me. Sometimes when I wake up I need to straighten my side fringe as it has gone a bit flicky so I quickly spray some of this into my hair before straightening. It leaves my hair feeling super soft and actually helps keep it straighter for longer. I highly recommend using a heat spray as I have gotten bits of frazzled hair from not using one before…

This is one of the products I use basically every day. I just have to rub a bit in to the ends of my hair and it completely tames my hair down and makes the ends nice and conditioned. It is such an easy product to use! On a good hair day I could just roll out of bed, put a bit in my hair and I would be really to go. I really love the smell of it as well- it is amazing! If you have tried Aussie products before, you will know what I am talking about! If you are looking for a quick frizzy hair fix, then this is perfect for you.

I use dry shampoo on those days where I didn't quite get out of bed in time to wash my hair so I spray a little bit of this into my roots and ruffle my hair. Another great use I have found for this is giving my hair some volume when it is looking a little flat. My hair is quite strange as the top is quite flat and straight whereas the ends are really curly! So I spray dry shampoo into the roots to give it a bit of oomph! 

Finally is my little bottle of hairspray. Again I got this in my Birchbox and it is a product I have used loads since. I really love how it is non aerosol so I am not left choking for air after using it! It is really light in my hair but still keeps it in place. I definitely prefer this as it doesn't leave you with horrible crunchy hair which I absolutely hate! This is why I don't use hair mousse… Anyway, this product is perfect for spraying into the ends of my hair to tame flyaways and give my curls a bit more definition.

Jour d'automne Non Aerosol Hair Spray £18.50

I really hope you liked my post! Thanks so much Amy for giving me the opportunity to guest post!

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  1. Great picks, I always struggle with frizzy hair. I like to use the John Frieda frizz range :)


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