Victoria’s Secret

Now when I think of Victoria’s Secret, I think of skinny girls and pretty but overpriced underwear, so when I went into their shop in Bluewater I wasn’t expecting much. However, when moving myself towards the back of the shop, I found their fragrances and their body washes and etc, and boy was I surprised at how cheap they were in comparison to the rest of the shop.


I picked up this fragrance and fell in love instantly. It’s rather soft and sweet, if you like girly things then I can imagine this being up your street, I also picked up a perfume and bodywash with the same scent, I think they were along the lines of £12 ish each or 3 for £20/£25, so I went for the 3 deal as it worked out a lot cheaper.
I brought this around 2 months ago and as you can see I’ve barely used any of the bottle, even though I do use it daily.
This isn’t exacty a review, it’s just me sharing probably one of my best finds for a while.


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