Soap & Glory Products

Thursday, 8 January 2015

This may seem like a pretty pointless post to some of you, but I just wanted to show some new Soap and Glory products I've got, including this lovely Christmas gift set I received! I've fallen completely in love with this brand recently, and you never know, maybe one day I'll do a review on some of the products.

1. 'Sugar Crush' fresh & foamy body wash
2. 'The Righteous Butter' body lotion

Giftset includes:
1. 'Clean on me' creamy shower gel 
2. 'The scrub of your life' body butter
3. 'Hand food' hydrating hand cream
4. 'The Righteous Butter' body moisturiser



  1. I really love Soap & Glory products! They have some of my favourite skincare items.

    I've had The Righteous Butter lotion and butter for quite a while and I love them! I'm such a big fan of the foot and hand lotion but just because I don't like the greasy feel of hand/foot creams.

    I wish there was somewhere I could Soap & Glory products in Belgium, but usually I just stock up when I go home every so often :)

    Have you tried a few of them out yet? What did you think?

    ~ K

  2. Love me some Soap and Glory! The only product from your post that I haven't tried is the Sugar Crush, let us know how you like it!

    Best wishes, Danielle xo