Letting Music Inspire You

I've mentioned so many times on this blog that I find it extremely difficult to get into the right mindset, yet weirdly enough it's very easy to get out of it and into the wrong one. The good thing about music is how it can be such a mood changer and recently I've been into using it to motivate and inspire myself with everything.
Whether it's to get up, clean my room, get things done, it works wonders. One of the best things that's come out of this is the affect it's had on my blog. Being in this clean and productive mindset has helped my writing and photography so much it's unreal. 

I don't know if anyone's noticed but I like to think I've been improving a lot as of late, and shaping this blog into something I really love and can be proud of. One of the playlists I've been super into lately is "Common Culture: A Compilation by Connor Franta". I don't know how this playlist works the magic it does, but I am so so so thankful it has.