Why Live For Tomorrow?

So after what was a long (ish) break I've finally returned to the bloggersphere and god am I excited. I have some super exciting things planned and I'm going to go back to my every other day posting schedule. So what have you missed? I mean that's the question on everyone's minds, right? Right. Apart from spending most of my waking moments marathoning Once Upon A Time (4 seasons in a week) and losing a LOT of sleep due to The Vampire Diaries, I have actually done some things productive.

In April I visited my friends in Manchester, went to a few blogger events (trust me I have plenty of posts due) and it was a pretty same-old month. However in May I've felt a real change in both things going on around me and in myself. I went back to Manchester again to stay with my friends Patrycja and Rachel, we saw Pitch Perfect 2 and can I just say it was AMAZINGG. I absolutely love travelling (although the 8 hour overnight journey did take it all out of me) and I'm probably going to go back again at some point soon too. Now back to the 'feeling a change' thing, it's really quite strange to be honest. Out of nowhere I feel a lot more productive and motivated to do things, to better myself, to try and live each day like there is no tomorrow, and to just work my little butt off. As someone great once said "Why live for tomorrow when there's today?"