Writer Stereotypes

You get stereotypes for everyone and everything in this day and age, even if you don't realise they're there they still lurk in the shadows haunting everything around you. As a writer I often find myself victim to these groupings, and if i'm completely honest I personally don't mind them one single bit. Now I'm going to tell you a little secret, and you have to promise you won't laugh. Pinky? Okay, sometimes I like to fall into these stereotypes just to justify my title of being a writer. Let me explain.

Creative block is any writers worst nightmare, it's WAY at the top of the list, and sometimes I find acting out writer stereotypes helps me feel more like a writer, and therefore helps my creative block. Silly I know, but it works. "so what exactly are some writer stereotypes?" you may be asking (or not but i'm going to tell you anyway), so i've composed a list to share with you of what the stereotypical writer should be like. If you don't fit at least half of these then you're clearly just a faker, I mean c'mon.

1. A real writer only drinks coffee. And alcohol. Nothing else is suitable for someone of our type. We wouldn't dare consume diet coke, or non alcoholic beer how dare you even suggest such bizzare things.

2. We isolate ourselves in our rooms listening only to deep & meaningful indie music. Who are these One Directions you speak of? Beyonce? MADNESS! 

3. Writers are all depressing & lonely. Okay maybe this one slightly rings true for me on occasion, but we're not all locked up in dark rooms writing twisted storys and poems about heartbreak. Or so we like you to think.

4. A real writer would never bother themselves with a day job. They only write. I mean we're all struggling with 5p to our name because we can't bother ourselves with any mundane task other than our writing.

Of course none of these are really generally true, although obviously everyone's different so who knows! But as I said earlier sometimes falling into these stereotypes helps lift my creative block and helps inspire me, so I don't care how stupid you may think I am for that. Do you find yourself fitting into any stereotypes for anything? I'm super interested so be sure to let me know in the comments! There's a lot more I could have included so maybe one day I'll have to make a part 2!