Bloggers Take Pizza Express

So before Scarlett London's blogger Festival the other week (post coming soon!!) the lovely girls over at SoeursDeluxe arranged a Bloggers Lunch at Pizza Express so a bunch of us could meet and hang out before heading over to the event. Although I was terrified at first and didn't know what to expect I absolutely enjoyed it! 

There was a little set menu, a main and a starter for £12, so I obviously had to chose the garlic bread since I'm practically obsessed, and an absolutely GORGEOUS pepperoni pizza. It was so big I couldn't even eat all of it's deliciousness in the end!

We also all had these super cute little boxes infront of us, which happened to be filled with the most attractive white chocolates I have ever seen in my life. I mean look at that pink and gold?! Anyway I had so much fun and made so many lovely new blogger pals, I can't wait to do more things like this again.


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