Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

The other day I was lucky enough to be invited to a wonderful little event hosted by JewelleryBox at their pop up shop in Brick Lane. Unfortunately I didn’t take many photos as my camera died, however it was such a lovely evening full of wine, temporary tattoos and of course, jewellery! Before the event itself a few blogger friends and I made a little trip to Winter Wonderland, which, luckily I did photograph! So here, enjoy a few photos 🙂 411ba687c185e01d479c90eee1c737a56878d34f46c13fa6ea






My new blogging pals consisted of LauraFran & Becca, all of whom were absolute angels. I had so much fun and I couldn’t have asked for better company, although I do maybe wish I’d taken a bittttt more money. I think ‘bit’ may be a massive understatement though. If you ever start to lose your Christmas spirit over the next month, be sure to take a trip to this place because it sure will get your spirits back up. From the fairy lights to the Christmas songs to the gorgeously smelling foods, you’ll feel like you stepped into a movie. I’m already planning another trip back up there!

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  1. This looks absolutely incredible!! Great post! Xx

  2. Stunning photos! Hyde park looks like so much fun at this time of year <3

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  3. Sparkling post. Lovely shots.

  4. beautiful pics and nice post love reading it

  5. Aw gorgeous photos! I didn't get to go this year but I've been in the past and loved it. Thanks for sharing your photos xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  6. It really is! <3

  7. Amazing isn't it?! Thank you xx

  8. This is a real winter wonderland, Isabelle! Great idea!

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