Surrounding Yourself With The Right People

It's taken me years to finally understand, but now I get the power of surrounding yourself with the right people on such a strong level. In the past I thought it didn't make a difference, I had people around me who were positive and lovely and I thought they were the 'right' people, but it didn't make any difference to me. I wasn't necessarily happier, I mean I loved them and enjoyed being around them but it didn't influence my life in any way. Only recently have I actually experienced just how important it is, let me explain.

The people you think are the right people might not exactly be the right people. Having lots of friends is great but it's essential to also have a few who make your life better just by being around them. Not only will it have a positive influence on yourself as a person, but on your happiness and confidence. I've found since being around my new friends that I've changed a lot, not necessarily in obvious ways, I'm still the same person I was 6 months ago, but the way I view and perceive things is a hell of a lot different. I get comfortable around people easier, I get scared of things less, being around the right people is helping me grow, and I can't stress how important that is. I'm 19 so i'm at an age where personal growth is rather important, I'll be 20 soon and being stuck in a 16 year olds mind isn't the best thing ever. I'll never get anywhere in my life if I don't change remotely on the inside, and I don't know how it's taken me so long to discover this.

What do you all think? Am I talking a load of rubbish or actually making sense? Be sure to explain to me in the comments as I'm rather intrigued as to what everyone else thinks of this. I do tend to ramble on a ton about absolutely nothing so I wouldn't be too surprised, but I'm trying to explain a feeling here which can tend to be rather on the difficult side of things. Anyway the lesson I'm trying to teach here is pretty much in the title: make sure you surround yourself with the right people. It's so so important.