10 Blogger Problems We All Have

Being a blogger is far from easy, but just know that with every blog related problem you face and think you're alone in, I bet we all go through too! I spoke to some of my blogging friends about problems they face and as it turns out, almost all of them tended to be quite common. So today I thought it'd be just a little bit of fun if I shared with you all blogger problems we all have, and hopefully it might make you feel better! I know realising I'm not the only one who faces these boosts myself up a little bit, and maybe it will you too.

1. Blogger jealousy. Don't worry, we all have that little green eyed monster inside of us when we see a blog that we deem a lot more perfect than ours, or an instagram that looks like they're living a perfect life, but I can guarantee you that blogger probably has it for someone else too.

2. When you take 50000 blog photos and just none of them turn out right. I mean how is it even possible that not one single one of them looks even half decent? Does life hate me?

3. Staring at your screen with your fingers posed to type out a banging post that everyone will love aanddddd... nothing. You have nothing. Brilliant.

4. When everyone's raging on about how great their views are and you're sitting there with about 1 view a day. Okay that's a slight over-exaggeration but I mean that's how it feels.

5. Catching the perfect time for lighting and it turns out your camera is out of battery. How typical is that..

6. Having your friends think you're strange because you know about every makeup product and every cool hangout spot ever. Yes I have a life I just saw 20 bloggers posting about it last week.

7. Hunting every cute vintage shop for the perfect props that you'll use like once for a blog photo and then never again. Not a waste of money Mum promise!!

8.  Trying to get that perfect flat lay but nothing. is. working. How does Hannah get her flat lays so perfect? How are Samanthas so pleasing to look at? What am I doing wrong?!

9. Being out and about and finding perfect photo opportunities by accident, someone remind me to take my camera literally everywhere!

10. The Instagram theme. Hands down one of the most stressful things ever, half tempted to give up not going to lie!

These are just 10 of probably hundreds of problems all of us bloggers face, but don't worry because you most definitely are not alone! Let me know down in the comments if you have any others or if you can relate to some of these so we can all mope in self pity together. I mean that's obviously the best way to deal with it right? Also a bit of shameless self promotion, I'm getting so close to 800 followers on bloglovin so if you want to go follow me and keep up to date with my posts then you can do that HERE, it'd mean a lot!