Stop Shaming Sadness

We all get sad sometimes, it’s human nature, so why do we shame sadness? Being down sucks, it really does and when our mood is in the dumps we tend to keep it to ourselves due to the fear of what others will say. “Just get over it?”, “don’t be so silly!”, “man the hell up”. Those are all very common comments I get when I’m sad and I tell someone about it, I’m sure quite a few of you have heard similar reactions and I’m sorry but why? What’s wrong with being sad every now and then? There’s nothing wrong with it but don’t let it take over your life, use your misery to your advantage. Okay I bet most of you are wondering what the hell I’m rambling on about, but let me explain.

Throw your sadness back in its face and laugh, yeah you may be down and your head cloudy but that’s alright. Lately my depression has been hitting back hard, and instead of feeling sorry for myself I’m using it. Using the depression to write more, letting my thoughts onto paper and rambling about anything and everything. I’m using it to inspire me, to help my creativity. Honestly it works! If you’re musician use it to help you write your songs, just use it. Most importantly use it to better yourself. I’ve found my depression makes me kinder, more understanding, even wiser. It makes me a better person. I want to be there for others, to help them, especially if they’re going through something similar to me that I can really truly understand. So yeah, why do we shame sadness? It’s good to be sad sometimes and there’s nothing we can do about it so we might as well use it to our advantage the best we can. If it helps you grow as a person then why the hell not? If you use it right it helps you understand who you really are, what you want out of your life, and when you’re finally happy it makes those moments so much more special.
These were just a few random thoughts I had earlier and wanted to let out. I hope it made some sense and you can pick something up from it, I’m all about those deep mind provoking posts haha!

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  1. Beautifully written post! Everything about this is so true. x
    Morgan |

  2. This was so well written I loved it – I suffer with mild depression and anxiety and I can't agree more. I try and use it to help me write blog posts, take photos and overall I feel much more understanding towards others!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. Thank you so much for this post!!

  4. Sadness has its perks sometimes haha!

  5. So pretty! Thanks for sharing & Happy Friday! 🙂
    xx Ohiamiht Blog

  6. such beautiful writing! Love that you turn something seemingly negative/ bad into something completely opposite. very inspiring

  7. This is honestly such a lovely post and piece of writing!! Very inspiring. I can relate. My depression has definitely made me less judgemental, a kinder and more understanding person. I really strive to help others and make them feel better, because I know how horrible it feels to be at the lowest of the lows xx

    Lauren |

  8. This is a great post. I really admire you for opening up about these things.

  9. so true–we aren't allowing ourselves to really feel our feelings. that pent up sadness or even anger can lead to more harm in the long run

  10. thank you, have a good day!

  11. Thank you so much Eloise!

  12. That's good, instead of letting it take over you it's always good to mould it into something positive xx

  13. thank you love x

  14. Exactly! Keeping your feelings in and ignoring them will only make everything so much worse

  15. thank you Gemma! x

  16. Totally agree! We should concentrate on the positives

    Happy Friday and Take Care Doll! Kisses,
    BLOG | Taislany

  17. Thank you babe! 🙂

  18. Beautiful writing doll!


  19. This post was so inspiring, I enjoyed reading it and I really like the way you write 🙂

  20. Beautiful, Sadness is part of life that's true and here is another true for you whenever you feel it, you can always share it with me, and I'll do my very best to light things up till happiness arrives. x

  21. Thank you so so much 🙂

  22. Aw thank you so much lovely x

  23. Aw thank you so much lovely x

  24. This post is so right! Everyone gets sad sometimes. Sometimes I feel really blue and I don't really know why.. but that's just how it is. That's an interesting mindset that depression had made you a better person, I've never thought about it in that way before.
    Have you ever seen the children's movie Inside Out? That's sort of the message of the movie, it just reminded me hahah.
    Julia | Julia in Bluhm

  25. This was such a great read, well said.

  26. Yes I love that movie!!

  27. Thank you 🙂

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