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How To Increase Your Blog Page Views

I love my blog to pieces I really do, it started off as a hobby I never even considered I’d ever earn money from and although it still may be something I do out of pure passion, no blogger can deny that getting your blog seen and noticed is one of the best feelings ever. I often get asked “how do you get people to read your blog?” and before I start with this post I just want to say that it isn’t easy by any means. Not only do you need the passion and commitment but you also need to put in a LOT of hard work and effort. If you’re reading this and can hands down say that you can check them all off then keep reading for a few tips on growing your own little internet space, but make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. It’s super easy to pick out people who are just doing it to get popular or for the ‘fame’ that comes with it, so before you start thinking about increasing your views make sure your blog is something you’re proud of! If you deserve it the views will come eventually and knowing you’ve put your all into it makes the feeling even more rewarding.


This is where the majority of my page views come from. The social media site that’s done the most for me is Twitter, I can’t stress the importance of staying active on any social media account relating to your blog as much as you can, and don’t forget to tweet your posts! I wouldn’t recommend only tweeting about your blog and nothing else, I mean it’s entirely your choice but a lot of people find that spammy and you’re less likely to get followers and readers. I tend to tweet with a link to my posts a few times a day so I don’t annoy people, but again it’s your choice on how you want to go around this, I’m just telling you what I’ve found works best for me personally. Follow other bloggers, make friends and get involved in twitter chats, there are plenty of blogger chats going around and it’s lovely to get involved in the community, most of us are a lovely bunch! Instagram is also a great site to use, I’d recommend using a theme as people tend to follow accounts with one more, but do it how you want.

This one can also come across spammy if you’re not careful. Personally I love reading other blogs and leaving a comment on their posts, not only am I supporting them but I also find reading them quite interesting. I love hearing other bloggers opinions on things and what they’ve been up to so this one isn’t just an ‘increase my views’ method but more something I actually enjoy doing. However I always leave my blog URL at the bottom of my comment just incase they do want to check out my blog and I’ve actually made some pretty great friendships from this! Most bloggers will return the favour of you taking the time to read and comment on their post, as long as you aren’t begging them to read or follow your blog then it could even become a regular thing and blossom into a lovely little blogger friendship! It’s always nice to support people who are doing the same thing as you, I mean I get so happy when people comment on my posts and I always look at every blog URL left in my comments, you can find some amazing blogs this way!
Now there isn’t much I need to explain for this one but don’t underestimate the power of making friends in the blogging community. If you see a post by a blogger that you like, share it on social media! If you see a new blog that you like, tweet them and tell them! Helping and supporting other bloggers is like good karma in a way, you show them that they have your support and they’ll do the same. You never know, they might tweet about one of your posts, or tell other bloggers how much they like your blog. We’re all here doing the same thing because we have a mutual love for it and creating a bond is so important but often under looked. Do good for others and others will do good for you, we can all grow together and you never know, you might be making friends for life.
I know some of these may seem obvious but they’re all things that you can’t just do one or twice, you need to keep up but most importantly you need to make sure, and I can’t stress this enough, that you’re doing them for the right reasons. Deep down every blogger would love to have a nice figure when it comes to page views and I mean why wouldn’t they. When you’re proud of something it’s only human nature to want it to be noticed and it’s perfectly normal, it doesn’t make you greedy or only after popularity, it makes you human. If you have any other tips on how you’ve increased your page views then be sure to let me know down in the comments and we can all help each other out, and follow me on bloglovin if you want to read more posts from me HERE, I’m always active over there so it’d be fun to see you!

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  1. Great tips! Social media is my way of getting traffic on my blog too. Keep up the great work!


  2. Thanks for sharing this tips, even though I don't blog I found this post very helpful.

  3. so true sharing os one of the best way to get traffic! then commenting is super efficient and i love to discover new blogs and bloggers all the time<33

    xx from italy
    Cate ღ kate/

  4. Very helpful tips! Love seeing how open and caring the blogger community is. I love discovering new bloggers.

  5. I totally agree with all of these tips! I found that interacting with other bloggers, whether by leaving comments or other social media platforms, really helped to increase page views 🙂 Great post!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  6. Sharing links on twitter definitely helps a lot, especially when you tag retweet accounts for bloggers as well so your posts get noticed by more people 🙂 I've never taken part in a twitter chat before, mainly because I'm a bit scared that I'll get ignored or something (which is silly I know, the blogging community is so lovely) but I'll definitely have to start doing that not only to get more pageviews but also to make some new blogger friends. The number one things that helped me to get my blog out there is what you mentioned as well – commenting on other blogs & leaving a link to mine. I think it's important to leave genuine comments though, not just ones for the sake of sharing your link x


  7. Great tips! Thank you!

  8. I always try to remind myself that blogging is a team sport! It's so weird because (for the most part) it's something you do alone, but having the support of other bloggers is SO wonderful!! And it's so fun to be inspired by others. You're definitely right about bloggers loving to help other bloggers!

    Katie |

  9. This is so helpful! Thanks for posting this xx

  10. Excellent tips! I need to make more friends. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Great tips! Interaction is definitely key to driving more traffic your way xx

    Lauren |

  12. All important tips which should be obvious, but are totally underrated! I definitely think visiting other blogs and making friends with other bloggers out there are just so important to building up a following! I, unfortunately, don't have much time to update social media, so I try my best to visit other bloggers as much as I can. And I try to make it a goal to visit and comment on at least 5 new blogs each time I sit down to visit other sites 🙂

  13. With commenting not only do you get traffic if it's a regular thing, but you can also get really involved with the community! xx

  14. Thank you, and yes so do I!

  15. It's all about that blogger support haha

  16. It really is, thanks Lauren 🙂 xx

  17. Thank you lovely xx

  18. I completely agree with you there! x

  19. Have you tried scheduling tweets and Instagram posts and etc? It's a lifesaver if you have a busy schedule!

  20. I've actually never tagged retweet accounts, do you have any you can recommend? I get the scared feeling too, for months I'd just watch the chats and be too scared to say anything but they are so helpful 🙂 I agree with your last point, personally I never check out someones blog if their comment on my post comes across just for spam x

  21. Making friends with like minded people is a great feeling. I need to start participating in Twitter chats but I don't even know where to start! x

  22. Great tips, interaction is so key and persistence more than anything is something I swear by. Brilliant post xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  23. Definitely check the twitter chats out, they may be confusing at first but they're so much fun! x

  24. Thank you gorgeous! xxx

  25. Anonymous says:

    I find promoting my blog a challenge but if im honest I use my blog just to express myself which I find difficult personally and it is a stress relief also I have tried to simplify my blog post so it encourages my so I dont have to. 'think big' about posts
    Benjamin x

  26. Thanks so much for the great tips! x

  27. To be fair, I actually found your blog on a comment that you posted on The Sunday Girl's blog.
    Some really good tips, I will definitely be joining some twitter chats, do you have any that you would recommend?

  28. Great post! These tips are seriously the key things for blogging, thank you for sharing! Xx

  29. I get the whole stress relief thing 🙂 x

  30. I tend to take part in quite a few, they're all just as helpful as each other to be honest!

  31. Thanks for your comment!

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