Thursday, 28 September 2017

5 Reasons College Students Should Choose Biking Around Campus Rather Than Driving

A crowded bike rack is a sign of a thriving university campus.  From beach bikes to cruising bikes, college campuses are a great destination for all.  Students have a lot to gain from biking to and around college campuses so here are some benefits of riding a bike on a college campus rather than driving..

1 Avoid the Freshman Fifteen
College students, especially in the first year, are vulnerable to gaining weight.  Always being busy studying does not lend itself well to having time to exercise.  Besides that, it can be hard to cook healthy meals if you have to share your kitchen with 50 other people.  Biking around campus is an easy way to build a healthy habit into your day.
2 Meet New Friends at the Bike Rack
When was the last time you met a new friend in a campus parking lot?  Campus bike riders have plenty of great opportunities to make new social connections.
3 Save Money, and Not Just on Transportation
Biking does save you money on transportation.  It also makes it easier to get to campus when you live in an off-campus apartment.  Your bike can make it easier to avoid the expense of dorm living.  You can also save on gym fees, since you can get exercise by riding your bike.
4 Avoid Clutter
Cars attract clutter.  There is no place to leave clutter on a bike.
5 Relieve Stress
Cardiovascular exercise, such as riding a bike, is great for your mental health.  Your daily bike rides can be a peaceful oasis in the stress of college life.
College can take a toll on the physical and mental health of students.  Riding your bike on campus is a great way to stay fit and stress-free.

When I was younger I was a massive bike fan. It took me longer than most people to learn but when I eventually got the hang of it I found it so enjoyable, even if I did fail the bike road safety test (oops haha, I was just a bit wobbly that's all). Do any of you ride bikes still or is it something you've left in your childhood like me? I'd love to know! Go follow me on bloglovin HERE to stay up to date with my posts, I'm always active over there!




  1. I don't know how to ride a bike (I know, the same!) and I would really like to. It seems like such a great stress reliever as you said. xx
    Coco Bella Blog

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