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How To Get Ready For Any Formal Event

What could be more exciting than looking forward to attending a formal event? Whether it’s an anniversary, a wedding, or prom it’s the perfect change to dress up and have fun. However it can be quite stressful too when it comes to making sure you look your best. So use this guide for fuss-free preparation to ensure you rock your look on the night.

One Month Before
A month before the formal event, figure out your skin type and make sure you are following the appropriate skin care routine. This is also a good time to start planning your hair and makeup as well as what you are going to wear. Peaches Boutique has a wide range of Jovani dresses and by trying them on in advance, there’s no stress of the big night looming.
A Week or Two Before
This is the perfect time to visit your hairdresser for a trim to get rid of tired ends and keep a healthy length. By doing so a week or two before the formal event, you will also give your hairstyle chance to soften before the function.
This is also a good time to get a facial and to wax, thread, or pluck your eyebrows. You don’t want to do this right before the event as your skin may get irritated. You can also focus on teeth whitening treatments now.
48 Hours Before
Two days before the event, exfoliate from head to toe use a home treatment. Use a DIY salt scrub or body buffing scrub to get rid of dead skin. Also, book a manicure. Getting your nails done a day or two before is perfect as you will avoid regrowth and won’t have to stress about chipping and smudging.
Make sure you’re getting to bed on time, too. Beauty rest is important if you want to look refreshed and calm on the day of the event.
The Day of the Event
Now’s your time to shine. On the day or night of the function, fix any last-minute breakouts with an ice pack before you apply your makeup. The ice will reduce swelling and blemishes. Do be gentle with your skin, you don’t want to irritate it.
Use cool teabags to calm your puffy eyes. You can pop two used teabags in the refrigerator for about half an hour, then lay down and rest them on your eyes for around ten minutes.
Don’t change anything now. Don’t try out a product you’ve never used, don’t wax or pluck your eyebrows, no facials with extractions, and don’t dye your hair now.
It is so important to stay hydrated, too. It can be all too easy to get caught up in the excitement of the event, but do remember to keep drinking plenty of water. After all, hydration is the key to glowing skin and will keep you looking fresh and radiant all day long.


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