Hey there, welcome to my blog! My name’s Isabelle Collins, I’m a 21 year old junior journalist, lifestyle, beauty and fashion blogger. I never know what to put in these little introductions as I haven’t done a lot of major cool stuff to brag about here. I’ll just give you some little useless facts, professional still right? I’m a photography enthusiast, history loving, avid coffee drinker (it is life) who’s a massive Harry Potter nerd! Come at me Draco *insert love heart eye emoji*. I’ve owned Tainted Blues for almost 6 years now and it’s always been my little corner of happiness, always will be. My fashion posts are mainly situated on my Instagram which you can find HERE, so give me a little follow if that’s your thing! I will broaden my Instagram spectrum a little bit at some point but I’m just too indecisive.

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I rarely take selfies without a snapchat filter. Another random piece of information.. but I’m not the only one there let’s be real. I once met Tracy Beaker, is that something I can brag about? Okay yeah probably not. Well I don’t know what else to put here but if you ever have any questions just tweet or Instagram me and you’ll get a lovely little reply.

I blog about everything from very deep life posts and advice, to makeup, skincare, cooking, style, books, whatever you can think. I’ll probably have a post on it! I even think I have a few interior design posts dotted around here and there from back in the day. We don’t really want to talk about the old cringe 2012 ones though, I like to forget they exist. Travelling is something I love doing too so there’s always something different going on around here, cya!

          love Isabelle xo